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The Supporters

As representatives of the Highlands community, we invite you to learn more about how one of Birmingham’s most progressive schools is challenging students academically, fostering a lifelong love of learning, instilling habits of success and preparing tomorrow’s leaders to be responsible and productive members of the community. As you get to know more about the Highlands Mission, we hope that you will feel compelled to support that Mission and its fulfillment now and for years to come. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

While our campaign goal is $5 million, the total project cost will be $8 million. Any money raised over our $5 million goal will be money that we do not have to finance.


Let's Keep Going!

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Henna Bhudwani
Ronald Dates
Grade Level Impact
J.T. Price

Thank you to our supporters!

Thank you to our supporters!

Ashley Adams

Whitney Adams


Anupum Agarwal and Lisa Curtis

Reese Alexander

Amy and Mike Albert

Reese Alexander

Lisa and Steve Alexander

Altec/Styslinger Foundation

Lou and Xin Anders

Gail Andrews

Suzan and Tommy Armstrong


Dicki Arn

Jennifer and Mark Bailey

Webb Baker

Robin and John Bakkegard

Layla and Roger Baldwin

Abilash Balmuri and Swetha Pinninti

Ron Banerjee and Claudia Cardenas

Bank of America

Susan and Ingram Barclay

Nancy Barr

Pete and Casey Bartok

Jeff Barton and Gabe Matese

Jocelyn and David Bell

Naresh Bellam and Susmitha Nimmagadda

Tika Benveniste and Casey Morrow

Ann Marie and Juan Bernal

Gene and Jamie Bishop

Sarah and Paul Blutter

J. Michael Bodnar Foundation

John Michael and Shay Bodnar

Santiago and Polly Borasino

Brasfield & Gorrie


Karim and Henna Budhwani

Bunting Family

Catherine and Bill Cabaniss

Margaret S. Camp

Lilla Carroll

Andi and Jim Cimino

Community Foundation of Birmingham

Bret and Shannon Connor

Jane and Bill Costenbader

Bart and Elizabeth Crawford

Sam Dalvi and Jennifer Guimbellot

Donald and Tiffany Daniels

Ron and Jenis Dates

Diana and Drew Davis

Jonathan Davis and Lori Lynn-Davis

Barry and Jennifer Dillon

Jim and Marilyn Dixon

Kristie and Chris Dobelbower

Susan and George Dumas

Dunn-French Foundation

Karen Eargle and Cindy Jones

Laura and Jason Earley


Daniel Elston

Susan and Sid Evans

Chris Eveland and Christy Alvord

Faculty and Staff of Highlands School

Faul-Krick Family

Fidelity Charitable

Maye and Bernard Frei

Liesel and Will French

Mamta and Anu Gandhi

Elene and Brian Giattina

Robert Good

Anna Lisa Goodman

Mary and Braxton Goodrich

Elizabeth and Michael Goodrich

Jessica and Scott Grover

Alecia and Orlando Gutierrez

Joy and Bill Harbert Foundation

Greg and Narda Harp

Judd Harwood and Anna Slive Harwood

Fontaine and Sam Haskell

Susan and Wyatt Haskell

Mimi Head

Kevin and Amy Hill

Hill Crest Foundation

Ann Hillhouse

Olivia Honeycutt

Tracy Honeycutt

Hugh Kaul Foundation

Cheryl and James Isobe

Joseph Katz

Maria and Lawrence Katz

Scott Kelly

Heather Khamis

Sarah Khamis

Hannah Kindervater

Rachel King

Keneshia and LeDerrick Kirksey

Jennifer LaBorde

Scottie and Bruce Lanier

Ashley and Matt Leavell

Heather and Jeff Lebensburger

Barrett and Taylor Mann

James Little and Jill Marlar

Trent Stephens Lloyd

John and Sheri Long

Donald and LaKisha Mack

Daniel and Sarah Mangham

Jeanne and Scott Margolies

Danny and Rosalind Markstein

Danny and Eileen Markstein

Virginia Markstein

Gordon and Margaret Martin

Marx Brothers, Inc.

Deirdre Lewis Mason

David Mauchley and Sara Mazzoni

Lauren Smith

Herbert and Peggy Stockham Foundation

Eric Sorscher and Hughes Evans

Hampton and Bart Stephens

Courtney and Bryson Stephens

Julie and Jim Stephens

Lydia Styslinger

Jennifer and Mark Styslinger

Three S Fund

Caroline and Ed Thomas

Hannah and Brandon Thrasher

Roger Torbert

Tammi and John Trawick

Doug Turner and Connie Hill

Emma Turner

Al and Tish Vance

Kavita Vasil

Gareth Vaughan

Vulcan Materials Company

Walker Charitable Family Foundation

Billy and Jenny Walker

Troy and Tricia Wallwork

Warren Family Foundation

Mike and Anne Warren

Goodloe and Andrea White

Beth and John Williams

Chloe Williams

Trent Williams

Janet and Scott Wilson

Thomas and Kim Winslett

Rocksheng Zhong and Quing Wei

Omar Zuberi and Saema Mirza

Cori Mazer

Rebecca and Mike McCracken

Kathryn McDonald

Heather and Hiko McGinnis

Carly and Jake McKenzie

India and Bill McKinnon

Amber and David McKowen

Catherine and Emmett McLean

Jana and Mukul Mehra

Neeraj and Shikha Mehta

Mark and Midge Miller

Randall Minor

John Morrow

William Morrow

Sylvie and Michal Mrug

Rodger Murphree and Jill Weeks

Margaux and Will Mustian

Jackson Nabors

Rhonda and Jason Nabors

National Christian Foundation

Neiman Family

Oakworth Capital Bank

Katie and James O’Connell

Craft O’Neal

Turner Overton and Kate Flanagan

Ruffner and Penny Page

Steve and Dottie Pak

Les and Allyson Pasternack

Ram and Sejal Patel

Camille and Tyrone Perkins

Daniel Perkins

Hillery Perkins

Michelle and Lenus Perkins

Jeff Pitts and Apryl Marie Van Flein

Andrea and DeWayne Pope

Kristin and Jay Porter

Michelle and Tony Porter

J.T. and Erin Price

Alys Stephens Protzman

Jamie and Anne Rainer

Dhaval Ravel and Shruti Agnihotri

Miriam Kirklin Reed

Rod and Michele Reisner

Sarah Riley

Will Riley

Elizabeth and Evan Roberts

Eben Rosenthal and Mary Hawn

Steve Rowe and Anne Marie Seibel

Daniel B. Russakoff

Rutter Family

Kiki and Pierre Scalise

Mark Schantz

Schwab Charitable Fund

Andy Schwebel

David and Yikun Schwebel

Turner Schwiebert

Elizabeth Schwiebert

Erik and Lisa Schwiebert

Chris and Shea Seaman

ServisFirst Bank

Brandi and Vipul Shah

Meredith and Mitesh Shah

Jay Sharma and Zeenat Jaisani

Karen Shepard

Ream and Mohammed Shoreibah

Syeda and Muhammed Siddiqui

Charles and Kate Simpson

Melissa and Hanson Slaughter

Participation from Highlands Board of Trustees


Participation from Campaign Steering Committee


Participation from Faculty and Staff


From Foundations, Alums and Key Highlands Families.

Lead Gifts

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