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A Highlands Graduate is...


is trustworthy, responsible, confident

sets goals

perseveres in the face of adversity

Comments from our community

“The desire to work hard and get work done in the most honest and efficient way possible is prevalent in Highlands students.“


“I think, and truly believe, that Highlands School teaches students great studying and time management skills. These help graduates in their future schooling careers, and it certainly helped me to succeed at JCIB.”


“Students who grow up at Highlands are put on a stage before they even know what stage fright is. Community meetings and school plays make public speaking feel like a reflex rather than a skill which needs to be learned.“

“Highlands spends a lot of time focusing on good character and I think that is what ends up making such great Highlands graduates. People who go to Highlands come out kind and they are willing to do the right thing even when it isn't popular.“


 “Meeting people from all walks of life at Indian Springs School, he is empathetic to others viewpoints without letting that influence his own beliefs. Daniel is able to work as a knowledgeable team member, accepting and giving constructive criticism. Not only is he a good individual, he is able to be a positive influence on others...Through the Highlands process, these attributes were developed in Daniel.”


“While the three factors of academia, leadership, and citizenship are essential, Highlands students have a more important distinguishing factor that evokes such excellence and distinguishes them. I believe that the most important factor is the love of constant learning. This love of learning is applied not only in education, but in almost every daily circumstance. In the volatile world everyone must adapt to change. This love of learning in Highlands students allows them to prevail in circumstances, be it educational or not, and showcase their ability to rise to any challenge”

“Beyond the essential lessons most schools teach, Highlands helped me discover my independence. After working through the many projects of middle school, I learned what works best for me to produce my best work. Working independently gave me a better understanding of necessary self-governance and intellectual inquiry…I am thankful to Highlands for fostering these qualities of independence that encouraged me to take these steps towards bigger life goals and projecting support throughout the community for each student's individual ambitions.”


“Highlands provided a framework within which our son was expected to speak up on behalf of himself, through public speaking at community meetings, and onward to participation in class. This culminated in the presentation of the Capstone project, in which the students often take considerable risks. (i.e. "What if my project flops?")The confidence he attained over the years while speaking for himself allowed him to comfortably speak up on behalf of others.”


“Highlands teaches students to have confidence in themselves and their identity. Coming to Chatham Hall, I was able to exert 100% effort into everything I did without becoming worn out from a fear of failing. I am confident in my abilities and don't allow mistakes to disrupt my path to success.“


“Those who stay through 8th grade have the support to learn "who they really are." This is invaluable in a high school setting. They spend less time chasing things that don't matter and more time focused on the things that matter to them.”

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