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The Highlands Mission

Founded in 1958 by educator, civic leader and philanthropist, Evalina Brown Spencer, Highlands School is Birmingham’s progressive, student-centered 4k-8th Grade independent school and six-weeks—three year-old Family Center.


Highlands School’s Mission is to provide an academically challenging program, to create a love of learning in every student, to instill the habits of success in every student, and to prepare the student to be a responsible and productive member of the community.

A lot can happen in 60 years. Since Highlands’ founding in 1958, ideas have evolved; technology has been revolutionized and professional landscapes transformed. From medicine to construction, there is no industry that has not experienced a renaissance. With these monumental changes comes a responsibility to rise to the occasion, to confront new and challenging landscapes with a determination, flexibility and a willingness to solve problems in order to improve our world and shape the future. As an independent school dedicated to the mission of preparing tomorrow’s leaders, we at Highlands feel compelled to never rest on our laurels and always provide an education that equips students to exceed the demands of any pursuit. Compassion and empathy guide our students to make difficult choices and stay true to their own character. In whatever community our students find themselves, their time as Highlands students provides them with the skills needed to think critically and creatively, collaborate cooperatively with team members, and communicate in an impactful way.


As we continue on this mission, it is imperative that we look to our community for support and guidance to ensure that our efforts always reflect the world into which we are sending our students. That is where you come in. On our 60th birthday, we are asking our community to invest in the Highlands Mission so that we may honor our school’s past by providing a superlative education now and in the future.


To celebrate 60 years of the Highlands Mission, we are launching a campaign to fund the beginning of the next stage of our school. Our goal is to create an environment in which our faculty and staff can meaningfully engage students in order to foster a lifelong love of learning. By reimagining our physical space, students can find renewed inspiration. Investing in the expansion and growth of Highlands School will allow us to bring enthusiasm for learning to a greater number of young minds. So, as we celebrate our 60th birthday, we ask for your help in guaranteeing our students a future brimming with possibility.

Kavita Vasil
Head of School
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