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More Than a School, a Family.

It seems like yesterday that I first drove down the front drive to hand deliver my resume to the Highlands front office as a young 22-year old graduate. Having grown up in the surrounding neighborhood, I was embarrassed to say that I had never stepped foot on the Highlands campus before that first visit. A few weeks later, I got the call that they wanted to bring me in for an interview; the rest is history. 14 years have gone by in a flash! I often refer to this school as my “home away from home” and truly could not imagine it any other way. Community is the most treasured characteristic of Highlands. The faculty has become family. They have supported me through difficult times and covered me in hugs during times of celebration. They were waiting in the parking lot when I drove up to school with my new engagement ring on, they were there when my children were born, and they were there during every life event in between.

My children quickly grew up to become Highlands students who have filled their toolbox with skills that they will take with them throughout their entire life journey. As a parent, I am forever grateful for this immeasurable gift.

My professional life has grown here too. I started teaching as a very timid professional, but along the way I learned from the best! Lynn Wood taught me that I could teach any academic content to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Dickie Arn and Shelby Etress have proved to me that 4 year olds can create masterpieces. Suzan Armstrong taught me how to walk with a little pep in your step and Kage Cavanah has instilled in me the ability to find the best in each situation.

So many faculty members have left their mark on Highlands and myself. With each new step, this school has grown and exceeded all of my expectations. It is an exciting time to watch Highlands embark on such an historic step for the future. This will not only affect the current faculty and students, but generations to come. Ms. Vasil has pushed us all to dream big, so with this new project, we plan to shoot for the stars!

Harris McCloud

Highlands 4K Teacher


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